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Stakeholder engagement

Atrium Ljungberg creates environments where people want to spend time — live, work and be — today and for a long time to come. Success in this respect requires an innovative and long-term approach, reliability, collaboration and responsiveness. We must be responsive to the demands our customers, tenants and other important stakeholders place on us as landlord, partner, investment and employer.

Our most important stakeholders are customers, owners and investors, employees and municipalities. It is for this reason that we have an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders — in part to ensure we create locations where people want to be and in part to understand what is expected of us.

Our focus is always on customers. Cooperation is to be close, long term, stable and personable. We have local organisations in place, and our business decision-making processes are short. Through collaboration we find innovative solutions, and together we create long-term sustainable and attractive environments.

Materiality analysis and key issues

To ensure that both we and our customers feel like we are working towards the right goals, we have conducted a materiality analysis based on the results of our ongoing stakeholder dialogues. Based on our strategy, impact on the outside world and our stakeholders’ expectations, we have identified six key issues that have resulted in four focus areas for corporate sustainability.

Six areas can be categorised as key issues for Atrium Ljungberg and our sustainability work: sustainable urban development, environment and resource efficiency, purchasing and suppliers, anti-corruption, employees, and corporate communication.

Area Result

Sustainable urban development
All of our stakeholders (customers, municipalities, owners, employees) believe that sustainable urban development is a key area. Customers demand smart solutions, including system selections which help them make their own operations more sustainable. Municipalities also emphasise collaboration, inclusion and dialogue with stakeholders.

We have clarified and developed our definition of and strategy for sustainable urban development. We actively work to integrate the strategy in our operations, from the early project stages to management.

The environment and resource efficiency
All of our stakeholders expect Atrium Ljungberg to maintain a high level in terms of environmental adaptation and resource efficiency. Some aspects are seen as hygiene issues, while greater importance is attached to others. System selections are highly valued since through them Atrium Ljungberg can help tenants reduce their environmental impact — it should be easy to do the right thing. Resource efficiency is also seen as being particularly important in property management.

We focus on resource efficiency, and have reduced our energy consumption. We have set a goal to reduce our energy consumption per square metre by 30 per cent between 2014 and 2021.

Purchasing and suppliers
It is clear that customers, owners and municipalities expect Atrium Ljungberg to maintain a high level in terms of purchasing and cooperating with suppliers. Purchasing and supplier aspects include, for example, assessment of suppliers in terms of the environment, working conditions and human rights.

We have introduced a purchasing function and systematised our purchasing processes. We require our suppliers to adhere to our purchasing policy.

Customers, owners and municipalities expect Atrium Ljungberg to maintain a high level in terms of integrity and anti-corruption. Work related to integrity and anti-corruption is expected to permeate all of Atrium Ljungberg’s operations, as well as all of our internal and external relations.

We work preventively and have a business ethics policy in place. We have also introduced a whistleblower function.

Terms of employment, healthy work environment and safety are important aspects of employee job satisfaction, motivation and performance. Skills development, diversity and equal opportunity for all are also important issues.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to stress-related illnesses and workplace accidents. We have also been named as one of Sweden’s best workplaces on several occasions.

Corporate communication
Corporate communication was mainly addressed by customers and municipalities as a key area. Customers want us to demonstrate our properties’ and premises’ environmental adaptation and environmental performance.

We have a goal to obtain environmental certification for all of our properties. We also have a goal for 50 per cent of our contracted annual rent to have a green lease contract by 2021.