Investments in Atrium Ljungberg

Four reasons to own shares in Atrium Ljungberg:
  • A stable dividend yield – The dividend yield over the last five years was 3.0 per cent. The dividend paid by the company since its flotation in 1994 has never fallen in SEK per share.
  • Low risk – The company’s operations are stable and its financial position is strong, with solid key ratios such as a low gearing ratio and high interest coverage margin, with a public credit rating of Baa2 from Moody's.
  • Potential for good value growth – With a planned investment rate of SEK 1 billion per year and a goal of 20 per cent returns on new build and extension projects, the company – and hence the share – has excellent potential for good value growth over time.
  • Sustainable urban development – The sustainability work is integrated in the business model where we continuously develop our areas in a sustainable direction. We are a longterm player which takes responsibility for the impact of our business on human beings and the environment.