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Nobelberget - an urban neighbourhood is emerging

At Nobelberget in Sickla we are developing a new urban neighbourhood with great opportunities. An attractive and dense area with a mix of housing, restaurants, service, creative businesses and education. By preserving older historical buildings side by side with newly built residential houses, the area forms a unique character. Situated in-between two vibrant areas Hammarby Sjöstad and Sickla, Nobelberget has the perfect location to link together these areas through Sicklastråket; an avenue with restaurants and areas for relaxing and socializing. Sicklastråket will open in the autumn of 2020.  

Along Sicklastråket you will find two of Nobelbergets most prominent buildings, Panncentralen and Formalinfabriken. Nobelbergets kindergarten is located in Panncentralen (an old Boiler factory), one of the original buildings of the area, noticeable by its tall chimney. Next to Panncentralen the majestic Formalinfabriken is situated, the cultural heart of Nobelberget. The old glue factory Formalinfabriken now holds a community kitchen, available for all residents in the area, Nobelbergets own Coffee roasting where you can create your own perfect blend and offices for creative businesses.

The first newly built houses along Sicklastråket will include 68 condominiums and are the first residential buildings to be added to Nobelberget. The first block will be completed in 2020. The second block will be launched in September 2020, with 56 additional condominiums.

In total, more than 500 homes are planned at Nobelberget. The development of the remaining housing will be implemented successively at a rate depending on market demand.