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Slakthusområdet is one of Stockholm’s largest urban development projects.

Municipality: Stockholm

Premises type Detailed development plan exists (m2) Change required (m2)
Offices 0 94,000
Culture/restaurant 0 23,000
Retail 0 4,000
Residential units 0 35,000
Education 0 34,000

Stockholm's new meeting place for food, culture and experiences

In June 2019, we took possession of 14 properties totalling more than 50,000 m2 of letting area. We also have an option to acquire an investment property of 32,000 m2 of letting area. We have the option of ordering additional land allocations measuring approximately 100,000 m2 GFA as well. The acquisitions and developed land allocations amount to a total of approximately 200,000 m2 GFA for offices and residentials, supplemented with culture, retail, a restaurant, hotel, education, etc. The total investment up to 2030, including acquisitions, amounts to around SEK 8 billion.

Slakthusområdet is one of Stockholm’s largest urban development projects. We received a new land allocation in Norra Entrétorget last spring for a hotel/offices and last summer we signed a letter of intent with SISAB, Skolfastigheter in Stockholm AB, to build an upper-secondary school in the area. In March 2021 we signed a cooperation agreement with Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) about a move to Slakthusområdet. The university area is planned to comprise approximately 25,000 m2 GFA of educational premises and workplaces. Stockholm University of the Arts provides education and research in areas such as film, media, opera, circus and acting, and organises a number of large public events every year.

In 2020 we also started a major detailed development plan stage in the northern part of Slakthusområdet. In the autumn the cultural offer in Slakthusområdet was expanded further with concert and festival facilities and children’s and youth culture facilities. This includes the creative talent initiative Juice Studios, which will open in the spring of 2021. This project is a unique collaboration between business, the public sector and the non-profit sector, and has several financial backers and partners.

In the summer of 2020 Stockholm Roast opened its coffee roastery, alongside its coffee bar, shop and showroom. This establishment marked the launch of the new destination that Atrium Ljungberg wants to develop in Slakthusområdet. The intention is to create an attractive location with offices and residential properties, supplemented with a wide range of food, culture and experiences. A brand new meeting place and an engine for the entire Söderort.