In a ground-breaking move, the Swedish urban developer Atrium Ljungberg has initiated Stockholm Wood City - the world's largest urban wooden construction project. The ambitious project is being built in Sickla, which is located in the southern, central parts of Stockholm, and extends over 250,000 square meters. It will offer a vibrant, urban environment with a mix of workplaces, housing, restaurants and shops. Through innovative design, technology and a strong collaborative culture, a new standard is set for sustainable construction.

Stockholm Wood City

Stockholm Wood City extends over 250,000 square meters in Sickla, in the southern parts of Stockholm, and is thus the world's largest known urban construction project in wood. The new area houses additional 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 homes in a vibrant, urban environment. The first sod is planned to be turned in 2025 and the first buildings are expected to be completed in 2027.

Why choose wood construction?

Stockholm Wood City marks a new era for sustainable architecture and urban development. The advantages of wooden buildings are many and tangible, both for the environment and for people's health and well-being. As shown by various research studies, wooden buildings provide better air quality, reduce stress, increase productivity and store carbon dioxide throughout the time they are in use. Using wood also means quiet construction sites and reduces the number of heavy transports during the construction period.


Today there are more than 400 companies located in Sickla - everything from large international companies to smaller start-ups. For those who will work in Stockholm Wood City, there is the opportunity to be involved in the development and design of this ambitious sustainability project. Companies can be a part of designing their own office here, square in the city of tomorrow, a place promoting health and well-being.

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Atrium Ljungberg has spent more than 20 years developing Sickla from an industrial area into a vibrant city neighbourhood. In Sickla, everything you need is just a 5-minute walk away. Discover Sweden's third largest shopping centre, with over 180 shops and restaurants, right next to workplaces, homes, hotels, schools, preschools, health, culture and nature. Approximately 8,000 people already work here.

Now the next phase in Sickla's development is underway, where the old brick industrial quarter meets the sustainable wood-construction buildings of the future, offering an additional 7,000 workplaces and 2,000 homes, making a vibrant city neighbourhood where restaurants and shops bring life to the street.

A sustainable urban development

Sickla has set a high bar in terms of sustainability. Stockholm Wood City marks a new era for sustainable architecture and urban development. Aside from timber construction, the project entails a number of additional environmental benefits. The focus on office space is a means of addressing the shortage of workplaces south of Stockholm's inner city, thus shortening commuting times for more people. The project’s climate impact is also minimised through internally produced, stored and shared energy. Focus is on internally produced, stored and shared energy. This is achieved in part through extensive rooftop solar arrays with batteries, together with underground borehole energy storage for heating and cooling.


Geographically, Sickla is located south of Stockholm's inner city. You will quickly notice how easy the commute is. Sickla’s position as one of the most important transportation hubs in Stockholm will be further established through the upcoming creation of new metro lines into the area.


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