About us - Atrium Ljungberg
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We create vibrant urban environments

Atrium Ljungberg owns, develops and manage properties.

Our focus is on developing attractive urban environments in Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö and Gothenburg. Working with the municipalities, our customers and the people living in the cities, we build vibrant urban environments where offices, residentials and retail mix with culture, services, healthcare and education.

We believe strongly in innovation and the development of attractive locations for the future. Attractive city districts are not only about buildings; what happens inside and between the buildings is just as important.

Our partnership with our subsidiary TL Bygg, a building contractor, broadens Atrium Ljungberg’s offering and strengthens our business, allowing us to carry out projects with high levels of efficiency and flexibility.

Our business concept

Our long-term approach to ownership, development and management enables us to offer our customers attractive urban environments for offices, retail and residential units in strong subsidiary markets. Our in-house expertise and holistic perspective enable us to generate added value for customers and partners and to create value growth within the company.

Vision: Our city – where everyone thrives

Our city is a place where everything you need and desire is right next door. A number of activities meet here, creating an exciting urban environment where everyone would like to be. Here you can work, shop, conduct business, live, study, socialise and be entertained – everything that is part of life. Our locations have a soul and everyone should feel at home. Where people want to live – the city thrives.

Our values

Our values form an integral part of everything we do and guide us in how we deal with our customers and other stakeholders. Caring for people and the environment is a key part of our business activities and is reflected in our values, processes, action plans and daily routines.

Collaborating across boundaries allows us to create entirely new opportunities – both for ourselves and for our customers.

The future permeates everything we do – from our ownership and sustainable solutions to how we work within the company and in relation to our customers and partners.

We keep our promises. The motto of ‘a handshake is enough’ is every bit as relevant today as it always has been.

We recognise opportunities and always find the best solutions in our own way. We want to learn, try out new ideas and find new ways of collaborating.