Sustainability management - Atrium Ljungberg
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Sustainability management

We create attractive and sustainable urban environments and properties where people want to live, work and be for many years to come. This is why we take a long-term, responsible approach when we own, build, develop and manage properties and urban districts.

Sustainability work is a natural and integral part of all our operations, in both our projects and our management.

Every year the Board of Directors evaluates and establishes the company’s overall sustainability policy and other policies governing sustainability: the equality and discrimination policy, supplier policy, business ethics policy, tax policy, whistleblowing policy and work environment policy. Read more about our policies here. The CEO has ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance with the company’s policies. Responsibility for ensuring compliance has been delegated to managers and project managers in the organisation.

To ensure that we have identified the most essential sustainability issues, we also maintain a dialogue with the most important stakeholder groups.

Our sustainability goals pertain to obtaining environmental certification for all of our properties, reducing energy consumption, increasing the number of green lease contracts and being one of Sweden’s best workplaces, and they are followed up annually. Identified sustainability risks are also assessed annually.

The image is from Mobilia where we have built new homes for bats in order to protect this important group of animals.