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Our vision and business concept.

“Our city – where everyone thrives”. This is Atrium Ljungberg’s vision, a vision that is deeply anchored in the company and both inspires and obligates. We have roots in the old traditions of the master builder. Based on this, we have developed our strategies with the aim of long-term sustainable locations with an attractive content. This vision enables us to create value for the company and therefore our shareholders and society

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Our business goals.

Our management flow, i.e., cash flow from property management, is key for our success. Together with value growth from the investments and selected financial risklevel, it forms the basis for our dividend and return for owners. Our earnings and dividend policy enable an annual investment capacity of approximately 4–5% of our own size without noticeably shifting our loan-to-value ratio. This currently corresponds to approximately SEK 2.5–3.0 billion per year in net investment volume. Atrium Ljungberg should have low financial risk, and selected risk measures are the loan-to-value ratio and the interest coverage ratio, where the net loan-to-value ratio may not exceed 45% and the interest coverage ratio may not fall below 2.0.



Result 2023

Return on shareholder’s equity must be at least 10% per year over time.  


New policy for 2023: The dividend must correspond to approximately one-third of the income from property management.   32%
The company can invest approximately 5% of its own size without it having a major impact on the loan-to-value ratio, which is the equivalent of approximately SEK 2.5–3.0 billion per year.   2 155 mkr
The loan-to-value ratio must not exceed 45%   42,5%
The interest coverage ratio must not fall below 2.   3,7
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Strategy that focuses on value growth.

Our strategy provides us with a solid foundation that ensures that we do the right things in the right places, while being fully engaged and ensuring that the customer and sustainability are always in focus. This enables us to create innovative, vibrant and sustainable urban environments, producing good value growth over time.

Presence on strong subsidiary markets

We will establish a presence on strong subsidiary markets in metropolitan areas where there is potential for long-term population growth.


Long-term population growth creates the right conditions for long-term profitability, both for us and for our customers.


We focus our development on areas that meet growth criteria. We use strategy plans for specific areas when looking at project and acquisition opportunities.

Develop attractive urban environments

We will focus on developing attractive urban environments for offices and residentials, supplemented with retail, culture, service and education.


This mix increases the flow of people at the location and creates synergies for everyone involved, generating more opportunities for successful business.


Our strategy plans for specific areas design the content at each location, based on their individual circumstances.

A mayor player

We will be a major player offering large and cohesive units in each subsidiary market.


As a major player, we can lead and influence development and create urban environments that are sustainable in the long term.


We focus our development and our acquisitions on locations where we are already established or where we want to be a major player.

Focus on our customers

We will focus on our customers in everything we do. We work with customers, municipalities and other stakeholders and this collaboration will be close, stable and committed over a long period of time


Relationships and collaboration based on trust enable us to find innovative solutions and create long-term sustainable and attractive environments together


We have local staff on the ground in each area and build long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders

Properties and development rights

We will acquire, develop and refine properties and development rights.


We create value growth within the company through active management project development.


By performing a detailed evaluation of the opportunities presented by projects and transactions, capital can be allocated to the opportunities that are assessed as adding the greatest value to Atrium Ljungberg in the long term.

Integrated sustainability work

We will carry out sustainability work that is integrated into the business strategy and it forms an important component of our offering. We will improve both our own responsibility and our stakeholders’ responsibility in this area.


Sustainability is incredibly important strategically for companies that want to remain relevant in the long term.


Sustainability is an integral part of our objectives and is an issue that appears on the agenda every day for every employee in every part of the company, from daily management to projects and financing.

Business process using our own expertise

We will conduct and manage the entire business process in-house using our own expertise.


By conducting the entire business process ourselves, including project development, we can look after our customers and ensure high quality in the longterm management of the projects.


We have staff with competences and abilities that reflect our core values and we ensure that our employees are able to develop over time.

Engaged employees

We will have engaged employees who are passionate about what we do. Core values – long-termism, collaboration, reliability and innovative thinking – are to be firmly rooted in the company.


Competent, motivated and engaged employees are essential for good results.


Our corporate culture encourages participation and care for each individual. Sustainable employees are at the heart of development and profitability.

Low financial risk

We are a long-term player that can operate in both good and bad times.


A low financial risk enables a higher operational risk through our extensive project portfolio.


A loan-to-value ratio that must not exceed 45% and an interest coverage ratio of a minimum of 2.0. A good interest rate duration and loan-to-maturity with a flexible financing portfolio.

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