Senior management - Atrium Ljungberg
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Senior management

The senior management comprises of the CEO and the managers responsible for the accounts/finance, HR, business development, project implementation, leasing and property management functions.

Annica Ånäs

Senior management / CEO

Function: CEO
Employed since: Previously CFO. Employed by Atrium Ljungberg since 2011; also employed between 2008 and 2010.
Education: LL.B. and graduate business administrator
Relevant professional experience: CFO of Hemsö and CEO in the  communication industry. Several directorships, for example property company Technopolis and JM AB.
Other significant directorships1): Member of the board of Swedavia AB and the real estate company Kojamo.
Born: 1971.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 42,000 class B shares.

1) Does not include intra-Group directorships.

Angela Berg

Business area Project / Business Area Director

Function: Business Area Director, Projects.
Employed since: 2011.
Education: Civil Engineering Graduate in Road and Water, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Relevant professional experience: Project management positions in the construction and property industry.
Other significant directorships: Board member of Bjerking AB
and Board member of Rättvist Byggande. 
Born: 1975.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 11,215 class B share

Function: HR Director.
Employed since: 2010.
Education: Tourism Programme at Dalarna University College.
Relevant professional experience: HR Manager at Microsoft.
Other significant directorships:
Born: 1965.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 13,225 class B shares.

Linus Kjellberg

Business area, Development / Business area director - Business development

Function: Business Area Director, Business Development.
Employed since: 2003.
Education: Master of Arts, Stockholm University. Urban Centre Planning, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Relevant professional experience: Business analyst, business developer and project manager in the property industry.
Other significant directorships: Member of the Board of Barkarby Science AB.
Born: 1972.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 6,000 class B shares.

Mattias Celinder

Business area Properties / Business area Director - Properties

Function: Business Area Director, Properties.
Employed since: 2006.
Education: Graduate Business Administrator.
Relevant professional experience: Management positions in the hotel, restaurant and travel industries.
Other significant directorships: Board member of Centrum
för AMP and Board member of KFUM Central AB.
Born: 1972.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 11,558 class B shares.