Senior management - Atrium Ljungberg
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Senior management

The senior management comprises of the CEO and the managers responsible for the accounts/finance, HR, business development, project implementation and property management functions.

Annica Ånäs

Senior management / CEO

Function: CEO
Employed since: Previously CFO. Employed by Atrium Ljungberg since 2011; also employed between 2008 and 2010.
Education: LL.B. and graduate business administrator
Relevant professional experience: CFO of Hemsö and CEO in the  communication industry. Several directorships, for example property company Technopolis and JM AB.
Other significant directorships1): Member of the board of Swedavia AB and the real estate company Kojamo.
Born: 1971.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 42,000 class B shares.

1) Does not include intra-Group directorships.

Andreas Malmsäter

Leasing / Business Area Director Leasing

Function: Business Area Director Leasing.
Employed since: 2022.
Education: Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics with specialization in real estate and financing..
Relevant professional experience: Leasing Manager at Fabege. Marketing manager and leading positions in the consulting industry.
Other significant directorships:
Born: 1977.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 5 163 class B shares.

Angela Berg

Business area Project / Business Area Director

Function: Business Area Director, Projects.
Employed since: 2011.
Education: Civil Engineering Graduate in Road and Water, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Relevant professional experience: Project management positions in the construction and property industry.
Other significant directorships: -
Born: 1975.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 7,100 class B share

Function: HR Director.
Employed since: 2010.
Education: Tourism Programme at Dalarna University College.
Relevant professional experience: HR Manager at Microsoft.
Other significant directorships:
Born: 1965.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 12,225 class B shares.

Linus Kjellberg

Business area, Development / Business area director - Business development

Function: Business Area Director, Business Development.
Employed since: 2003.
Education: Master of Arts, Stockholm University. Urban Centre Planning, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
Relevant professional experience: Business analyst, business developer and project manager in the property industry.
Other significant directorships: Member of the Board of Barkarby Science AB.
Born: 1972.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 6,000 class B shares.

Mattias Celinder

Business area Properties / Business area Director - Properties

Function: Business Area Director, Properties.
Employed since: 2006.
Education: Graduate Business Administrator.
Relevant professional experience: Management positions in the hotel, restaurant and travel industries.
Other significant directorships:
Born: 1972.
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 10,558 class B shares.

Function: CFO
Employed since: Employed by Atrium Ljungberg since 2021.
Education: MSc in Economics.
Relevant professional experience: CFO of Castellum and several significant directorships.
Other significant directorships1): Board member of Infranord AB and chairman of the audit committee, board member of John Mattson Fastighetsföretagen AB and chairman of the audit and finance committee, board member of Slättö Förvaltning.
Born: 1972
Own and related parties’ shareholding: 8 000 class B shares.

1) Does not include intra-Group directorships.