Sustainable employees - Atrium Ljungberg
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Sustainable employees

Over 300 employees are helping lay the groundwork for our success and development. In terms of being able to perform and develop, it is important for everyone to feel content and happy at their workplace. And it is important to understand why we go to work every day.

There is a great need to recruit new employees as the company continues its steady growth. Atrium Ljungberg's employees primarily work on a full-time, permanent basis. Pay is individual, and there is a collective bargaining agreement in place.

Our efforts to ensure equality

Our basic view is that all people have equal value and are entitled to equal treatment. Over the years we have not had even one reported case of gender discrimination. The property industry is still dominated by men, but Atrium Ljungberg has achieved an even gender distribution in its management team, at middle management level and for its administrative support functions. Our scrupulous recruitment process helps ensure workplace equality. There are still areas where we need to develop, primarily in relation to skilled workers.

We develop our employees

Employee engagement and competence play a pivotal role in our success. An essential aspect of our business is that employees feel engaged and understand what is expected of them and how their input contributes to our business.

It is important that managers and employees focus on the right things. For this reason, we have a performance management process in place which includes career development reviews, action plans and follow-ups. Individual goals and action plans for each employee’s development are set during the process. Follow-up takes place twice a year. All employees have the opportunity to evaluate their immediate manager once a year.

We aim to be one of Sweden’s best workplaces

One aspect of having sustainable employees is having one of the best workplaces in Sweden. This is why we take part in the Great Place to Work survey on Sweden’s best workplaces. Our goal is to reach a confidence index of 85 per cent, which we have consistently surpassed the past six years.

Employee health and safety

We have a zero-tolerance approach to stress-related illnesses and workplace accidents. Employees undergo health check-ups at different intervals depending on their age. The Group also offers all of its employees a wellness stipend. We utilise Wellnet’s wellness platform, and massages are available at the workplace. Work environment courses are held for project managers and operations personnel on a regular basis, and we have a work environment committee that meets four times a year.