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Green bonds

Atrium Ljungberg creates sustainable and attractive environments where people want to live, work and be – today and tomorrow. A value-governed organisation with motivated employees and close collaboration with our stakeholders forms the basis for achieving this. As a part of the sustainability strategy, Atrium Ljungberg focuses on improving the resource efficiency and thereby reducing the environmental impact.

In February 2017, Atrium Ljungberg developed a green framework for being able to issue green corporate bonds. With a new sustainability strategy and sustainability goals in place late 2021 a new green bond framework was launch in the beginning of 2022.  

Green bonds are issued under Atrium Ljungberg’s MTN programme, where the documentation conforms to other bonds under the MTN programme. The major difference is that the liquid amount from green bonds can only be allocated to projects and assets which are qualified in accordance with Atrium Ljungberg’s green frameworks.

The framework of green bonds describes the investments which result in lower energy consumption and lower climate impact, and thereby is qualified to be financed with green bonds.

Second opinion on the framework has been conducted by the independent climate research foundation CICERO.

An annually report is published, among other things, describing the usage of liquid amounts from issued green bonds and compliance of the green framework.

Green Bond Framework February 2022
Second opinion Cicero February 2022
Green Bond Framework 17 February 2017
Second opinion Cicero 17 February 2017


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