Pressreleases 2020

3 Sep -20, 7:30 AM - Pressrelease

Atrium Ljungberg and the Municipality of Nacka are initiating a major new detailed development plan for Central Sickla

Over the last few decades, Atrium Ljungberg has redeveloped Sickla, a suburb of Stockholm, from an industrial estate into a vibrant, living city...

10 Jul -20, 7:30 AM - Financial report

Interim Report January-June 2020

“Our office business remains stable and we are seeing a positive trend in retail” says Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg.

Report Presentation Webcast
23 Jun -20, 8:00 AM - Pressrelease

Atrium Ljungberg is hosting a presentation of Q2 Report 2020 on 10 July at 10.00 CET

Atrium Ljungberg is hosting an online broadcast of the Q2 Report 2020 presentation at 10.00 CET on 10 July 2020. The Q2 report 2020 will be publish...

17 Jun -20, 10:00 AM - Pressrelease

Atrium Ljungberg signs a green energy loan agreement worth SEK 1 billion with the European Investment Bank

Atrium Ljungberg has signed a green energy loan agreement worth SEK 1 billion with the European Investment Bank. This loan is unsecured and the tim...

28 May -20, 8:30 AM - Pressrelease

Atrium Ljungberg acquires office property in Sundbyberg

Property company Atrium Ljungberg has signed an agreement to acquire the office property Eken 14 in Sundbyberg today. The property totals more than...

16 Apr -20, 7:30 AM - Financial report

Interim Report January-March 2020

“The profit for the first quarter is stable, but the future impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is difficult to assess” says Annica Ånäs, CEO of...

Report Presentation Webcast
15 Apr -20, 1:45 PM - Pressrelease

Atrium Ljungberg’s sale of Farsta Centrum approved by the Swedish Competition Authority

In March the property company Atrium Ljungberg announced the sale of Farsta Centrum in Stockholm. This deal has a rental value of SEK 310 million a...

23 Mar -20, 2:41 PM - Financial report

Annual report and sustainability report 2019