Investment case - Atrium Ljungberg
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Investment case

As a shareholder of Atrium Ljungberg, you receive a stable dividend yield at a low risk. At the same time, you have the potential for a healthy long-term total yield on your investment with regard to the company’s interesting project portfolio on attractive growth markets. Investing in Atrium Ljungberg also means investing in sustainable urban development.

Four reasons to own shares in Atrium Ljungberg:

  1. Stable dividend

    The dividend yield over the past five years has been 2.9 per cent per year on average. The dividend paid per share by the company since its listing on the stock exchange in 1994 has never dropped.

  2. Low financial risk

    We are in a strong financial position, with solid key ratios such as a low gearing ratio and a high interest coverage ratio, and an investment grade rating from Moody’s of Baa2 with a stable outlook.

  3. Potential for good value groth

    With a planned investment rate of SEK 2 billion per year and a goal of 20 per cent return on new build and extension projects, Atrium Ljungberg, and therefore the share, has excellent potential for good value growth over time. The total return over the past five years has been 19 per cent per year on average.

  4. Sustainable urban development

    Sustainability work is integrated in the business model where we continuously develop our areas in a sustainable direction. We are a long-term player that takes responsibility for the impact of our business on people and the environment.


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