Interim Report 1 January - 31 March 2017 - Atrium Ljungberg
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Interim Report 1 January - 31 March 2017

“Our letting to Nordisk Film means that we can start new projects in Uppsala and Malmö during the year. Our project portfolio is expanding further with a new land allocation in Uppsala. We now have the opportunity to invest SEK 13 billion within the land we own and the land allocations we have,” comments CEO Annica Ånäs,” comments Atrium Ljungberg’s CEO Annica Ånäs. “We are increasing the operating surplus by 8 per cent – a significant step towards our goal of a 10 per cent annual increase. We are increasing our forecast by SEK 80 million to SEK 1,135 for the full-year,” concludes Annica Ånäs. 
  • Net sales increased to SEK 591 million (SEK 564 m), of which rental income increased to SEK 567 million (SEK 524 m). Rental income in like-for-like portfolios increased by 3.8 per cent.
  • The letting rate was 94 per cent (93% as per 31/12/2016), including project properties.
  • The operating surplus from property management increased to SEK 384 million (SEK 357 m), an increase of 7.6 per cent. The increase is primarily the result of acquired properties but also contributions from new lettings and renegotiations. The operating surplus margin is unchanged at 68 per cent (68%).
  • The profit before changes in value increased to SEK 274 million (SEK 223 m).
  • The unrealised changes in the value for properties increased to SEK 444 million (SEK 14 m) and is explained by the market's lower yield requirements. Unrealised changes in the value of derivatives amounted to SEK 35 million (SEK -311 m), as market interest rates during the period increased on terms covered by the derivatives.
  • The net profit for the period increased to SEK 622 million (SEK -57 m), corresponding to SEK 4.67 /share (SEK -0.43/share).
  • Investments in Atrium Ljungberg's own properties increased to SEK 351 million (SEK 201 m).
  • Acquisition of properties increased to SEK 1,846 million (SEK 121 m).
  • The 2017 profit forecast before changes in value and tax is increased by SEK 80 million to SEK 1,135 million.

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Interim report
Press release 20-04-2017 Atrium Ljungberg Interim report Jan - March 201

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