Annual report 2010

  • The company's net sales totalled SEK 1,936 million (SEK 1,980 m), of which rental income totalled SEK 1,614 million (SEK 1,656 m). Income from project and construction activities totalled SEK 323 million (SEK 324 m), and primarily comprised income from the wholly owned subsidiary company, TL Bygg AB.
  • The operating surplus totalled SEK 1,029.5 million (SEK 1,052.0 m). The reduction in the operating surplus was due to the sale of properties by the company in 2009 and 2010. If properties sold are excluded, the operating surplus increased by SEK 38 million, corresponding to an inrease of 4 per cent.
  • The profit before changes in value totalled SEK 668.6 million (SEK 667.4 m), exceeding the most recent forecast of SEK 640 million.
  • Changes in value totalled SEK 522.4 million (SEK -574.6 m). The reported value of the property holding was SEK 19,940 million (SEK 18,617 m), and the valuation's average yield requirement is 5.8 per cent (5.9%).
  • The rate of development has continued to be high, with just over SEK 1,047 million (SEK 1,087 m) invested in the Group's own properties.
  • The profit after tax totalled SEK 915.5 million (SEK 186.9 m), corresponding to SEK 7.03/share (SEK 1.44/share). The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 2.40/share (SEK 2.25/share).