Interim Report 1 January – 31 March - Atrium Ljungberg

Interim Report 1 January – 31 March

  • Net sales increased to SEK 579 million (SEK 518 m), of which rental income totalled SEK 488 million (SEK 455 m).
  • The letting rate was 95 per cent (95 per cent as of 31st December 2012), including project properties.
  • The operating surplus from property management increased to SEK 305.3 million (SEK 291.4 m).
  • The profit before changes in value increased to SEK 188.7 million (SEK 178.1 m).
  • Unrealised changes in the value of properties totalled SEK 0.0 million (SEK 0.0 m). Unrealised changes in the value of financial instruments totalled SEK 121.5 million (SEK 106.6 m).
  • The profit for the period increased to SEK 241.8 million (SEK 212.9 m), corresponding to SEK 1.86/share (SEK 1.64/share).
  • Investments in Atrium Ljungberg’s own properties totalled SEK 320 million (SEK 314 m).
  • The 2013 profit forecast before changes in value and tax is SEK 790 million.

- Even though the beginning of the year has been characterised by an economic climate of zero growth in Sweden’s economy, the first quarter has been good for us, with both increased rental income and an increased operating surplus. The outlook for the year is stable and the potential for continuing our successful operations in both the project development and the management spheres is good, comments Ingalill Berglund, Managing Director of Atrium Ljungberg.

Nacka, 19-04-2013
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

Interim Report January-March 2013
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