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Preliminary financial statement 1st January – 31st December 2012

  • Net sales increased to SEK 2,078 million (SEK 2,018 m), of which rental income increased to SEK 1,825 million (SEK 1,686 m).
  • The letting rate rose to 95 per cent (94%), including project properties.
  • The operating surplus from property management increased by 11.8 per cent to SEK 1,224 million (SEK 1,095 m).
  • The profit before changes in value increased to SEK 739.2 million (SEK 694.4 m).
  • Unrealised changes in the value of properties totalled SEK 367.8 million (SEK 528.3 m). Unrealised changes in the value of financial instruments totalled SEK -182.5 million (SEK 0.0 m).
  • A provision of SEK 105.9 million, including estimated interest charges, has been made in relation to a tax dispute.
  • The net profit for the year increased to SEK 1,030.8 million (SEK 904.5 m), corresponding to SEK 7.92/share (SEK 6.95/share).
  • Investments in Atrium Ljungberg’s own properties totalled SEK 1,512 million (SEK 1,050 m). Properties were acquired for a total of SEK 895 million (SEK 379 m).
  • The board proposes a dividend of SEK 2.85/share (SEK 2.60/share) for the financial year.
  • The forecast profit before changes in value and tax for 2013 is SEK 790 million.

– 2012 has been a successful year in many respects, not the least of which was an increase in the operation surplus of almost 12 per cent. Our projects and acquisitions have thrived and our letting rate is a massive 95 per cent.

– The challenges we envisage for 2013 are the low growth rates in the Swedish economy in general and the retail trade in particular, but we have a good starting position, with properties in strong locations, stable rental levels and project operations that will continue to make a contribution in 2013.

Ingalill Berglund, Managing Director

Nacka, 22-02-2013
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

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