Atrium Ljungberg issues SEK 500 million under MTN programme

Atrium Ljungberg has completed an initial issue of SEK 500 million under its recently announced MTN programme. The issue comprises SEK 500 million in 4-year bonds with a variable rate of interest, namely 3M STIBOR + 1.50%.

The bonds are unsecured and are a complement to the company's existing financing.

"The issue was oversubscribed and we intend to conduct more issues under the programme in the future. The settlement will be used both to amortise bank loans and to finance our project development," says Atrium Ljungberg's CFO, Annica Ånäs.

Handelsbanken Capital Markets was the issuing institution for Atrium Ljungberg's first bond issue.

Nacka, 2013-11-08
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ.)

Press release 18-11-2013