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Järfälla chooses Atrium Ljungberg for the development of Barkarby College-Symbiosis

Atrium Ljungberg and the municipality of Järfälla have concluded an agreement for together further developing Barkarby College to a regional meeting place for education, culture, business as well as higher education. Barkarby College will be the heart of the dynamic urban environment which will be created around the public transport hub Barkarby station/Stockholm Väst. Construction is expected to start in 2016.

During the spring of 2014 the municipality of Järfälla invited for a land allocation competition for a part of the next expansion phase of Barkarbystaden in north-western Stockholm, a development right of approximately 50,000 m2. The purpose was to find a collaboration partner to continue the development of the concept and the physical design of Barkarby College. During the autumn of 2014 the municipality of Järfälla decided to proceed with Atrium Ljungberg's proposal "Barkarby College/Symbiosis" - an urban district with education, service, culture as well as business, a dynamic meeting place in the middle of a new regional hub. Barkarbystaden, Stockholm Väst and the surrounding areas are one of Sweden's largest urban development projects with 14,000 new residentials and 10,000 new workplaces by 2030.
A collaboration agreement was concluded around the turn of the year 2014/2015 and the municipal executive board of Järfälla decided to approve the agreement on 2 February.

“We are proud and delighted to be a part of the growing Barkarbystaden's development. We bring with us our long-standing experience and competence of building pioneering urban and educational environments, as we have done in Sickla with Kunskapsgallerian, in Farsta with the cultural education hub Fanfaren and in Kista with NOD. With the land allocation we have the opportunity to establish ourselves in one of Stockholm region's most interesting hubs, neighbouring one of Greater Stockholm's largest retail areas - an area which is growing and is supplemented with both residentials and extended infrastructure,” comments Ulrika Hellström, Business Developer at Atrium Ljungberg.

Barkarby College is one of the contributions of the municipality of Järfälla to the expanding urban region and aims to, among other things, satisfy the need of knowledge development, competence provision and innovation capacity.

“Barkarby College will become a regional hub and a meeting point for Barkarbystaden and Järfälla, where educational environments with primarily technical and natural science specialisms together with elements of business, culture and service gather. A place for higher education where people want to be, meet and develop together,” says Claes Thunblad, Chairman of the municipal executive board of Järfälla.

The collaboration agreement between the municipality of Järfälla and Atrium Ljungberg is a framework agreement which grants Atrium Ljungberg sole rights to negotiate with the municipality of Järfälla on the conditions for development, which comprise approximately 50,000 m2 BTA in total, during the period up until 2019. The objective is that the first phase of approximately half of the total development right will commence during 2016, with possession during 2018. The municipality of Järfälla will rent a part of the first phase for its own educational operations.

Nacka, 03/02/2015
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

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