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Atrium Ljungberg acquires Söderhallarna

Atrium Ljungberg has concluded an agreement with the City of Stockholm for acquisition of the property Fatburen 2, known as Söderhallarna, at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. This means that the company will own and manage both the properties which Söderhallarna currently comprises. 

Söderhallarna comprises two buildings, Björkhallshuset (Fatburen 1) which is owned by Atrium Ljungberg and Saluhallshuset (Fatburen 2) which is owned by the City of Stockholm. Fatburen 2 houses a food hall, stores and offices with a total letting area of approximately 8,500 m2 and a rental value amounting to SEK 26 million. By acquiring Fatburen 2, Atrium Ljungberg will secure own right of disposition of the entire Söderhallarna, which provides better conditions to develop the property.

The purchase price amounts to SEK 380 million. The agreement is conditional on a decision in the city council of the City of Stockholm. This decision is expected to be made during the first quarter of 2017. Thereafter closing is expected to take place during the second quarter of 2017.  

Medborgarplatsen is one of Stockholm’s most important meeting places but its potential is partially unexploited. Atrium Ljungberg is a serious and long-term player with clear and exciting visions for the area and we are positive towards their aim of developing the food hall area. The goal of the City of Stockholm is to increase the crowds around Söderhallarna and Medborgarplatsen and development of the halls strengthens this opportunity,” says Jan Valeskog, Chairman of the City of Stockholm’s Real Estate Committee. 

Atrium Ljungberg plans to improve and develop Söderhallarna and create a vibrant meeting place. Söderhallarna will house a classic food hall, stores within culinary craft, greater range of restaurants as well as a cinema and other cultural scenes. The plan is for the property to also contain modern offices, with the goal of attracting startups and companies within creative sectors. Atrium Ljungberg also wants to open up the façade towards the square in order to generate more crowds in the area.

“We want Söderhallarna to become the obvious meeting place of Stockholmers for food, culture and creativity at Södermalm. By developing Söderhallarna and making it even more accessible and attractive, we also want to contribute to greater crowds and safety around Medborgarplatsen. The acquisition of Söderhallarna is a part of our strategy to create connected urban environments with an interesting mix of content,” says Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg. 

About Söderhallarna
Söderhallarna at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm consists of two connected buildings, the properties Fatburen 1 and Fatburen 2. Fatburen 2 comprises three floors with a food hall, restaurants, stores and a cinema. Below these floors there is a garage, storage room, warehouse as well as offices on the other eight floors of the building. The building was constructed in 1991 and Söderhallarna was inaugurated in 1992. Since then Saluhallshuset has been owned by the city. 

About the property Fatburen 2
Letting area: 8,532 m2 as well as 36 garage spaces
Letting rate: 100 %
Rental value: SEK 26 million
Number of tenants: 45

Nacka, 29/11/2016 
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ) 

Pressrelease 29-11-2016

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