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Atrium Ljungberg given land reserve at Mälarterrassen, Slussen

Today it was announced that Atrium Ljungberg has concluded an agreement with the City of Stockholm for an early land reserve of approximately 5,000 m2 GFA by Slussen in Stockholm. The aim is to create a meeting place for food and culture for Stockholm’s residents and visitors. It is expected that the new meeting place will be inaugurated by 2025.

The land reserve given to Atrium Ljungberg covers part of the properties Södre Torn 1 and Södermalm 7:87 by Slussen, located right next to Södermalm square and the wharf down towards Gamla stan. The agreement means that for one year Atrium Ljungberg has an option to solely negotiate with the City of Stockholm for a land allocation agreement and the conditions for future construction. The agreement is conditional on a decision in the Development committee (Exploateringsnämnden) and the aim is for a land allocation agreement to be concluded within one year.  

We are proud and delighted to be a part of the development of Nya Slussen and Södermalm. Together with the city, here at Mälarterrassen we want to create an attractive and vibrant meeting place for everyone, a place which strengthens and develops the entire Slussen area. We bring with us our long-standing experience and skills of building urban environments with elements of culture and restaurants, which we have done in many areas such as Sickla with both Dieselverkstaden and Nobelberget, ” comments Ulrika Hellström, Business Developer at Atrium Ljungberg.

The city looks forward to collaborating with Atrium Ljungberg. The new building is an important piece of the puzzle for Slussen and our joint vision of creating a vibrant and attractive urban environment, a meeting place,” comments Håkan Falk, Director of Administration at Exploateringskontoret, the City of Stockholm.

Atrium Ljungberg already owns Glashuset and Sjömansinstitutet at the Stadsgård wharf by Slussen, properties of approximately 26,000 m2 letting area in total. The company also has a land allocation for a development right of 18,000 m2 GFA at the Stadsgård wharf. In addition, Atrium Ljungberg owns Söderhallarna by Medborgarplatsen on Södermalm.  

The opportunity of getting the land allocation at Mälarterrassen increases our prerequisites for creating a really good context on Södermalm, where different businesses can strengthen and develop each other,” says Linus Kjellberg, Business Development Director at Atrium Ljungberg.

The aim is for construction of the site to start in 2020/2021 and the inauguration to take place by 2025 at the latest.

Nacka, 06/09/2017
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

About Slussen
The city’s reconstruction of Slussen contributes to making the site an attractive, safe and vibrant part of Stockholm. Nya Slussen reduces the risk of flooding in Mälaren and thereby secures drinking water for two million people.
Nya Slussen also creates easier opportunities to travel, reside and meet. Slussen should be an accessible, available and safe establishment for all modes of transport.
The entire project is expected to be completed by 2025.

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