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Atrium Ljungberg extends its contract with Ericsson in Lindholmen in Gothenburg

Atrium Ljungberg has extended its lease contract with Ericsson in Gothenburg, comprising more than 37,000 m[2] in Lindholmen. The two companies are going to work together to enhance their sustainability and energy conservation measures.

Ericsson has been a tenant ever since Atrium Ljungberg acquired the property in Lindholmen in 2017. There are currently 2,400 people working in this property, which has 37,000 m2 of offices and development spaces. Ericsson has now decided to extend its lease contract and will therefore remain an integral part of Lindholmen for the next four years.

“We are delighted that Ericsson has decided to stay in Lindholmen and keep Atrium Ljungberg as its landlord. Lindholmen plays an important role in Gothenburg, particularly in terms of innovation and development, with Ericsson a key player with its research and development operations,” says Jennie Kenani, Property Manager at Atrium Ljungberg in Gothenburg. “The fact that we are also going to be working even more actively on sustainability and energy conservation feels really great and incredibly important,” concludes Jennie Kenani.

Lindholmen has been transformed from an old shipbuilding area to the most knowledge-intensive and expansive area in Gothenburg. It has become an important hub for this growing city. Almost 20,000 people currently work and study at this location, which is now a modern office environment and international knowledge cluster, where innovative companies interact with researchers and students at Chalmers and Lindholmen Science Park.

Atrium Ljungberg owns three properties in Lindholmen, comprising a total of 73,000 m2 letting area, with tenants including not only Ericsson, but also Volvo, IBM and AKQA.

The lease contract with Ericsson is known as a ‘green lease contract’. This is when the landlord and the tenant agree on joint measures to retain or improve the environmental performance of the premises.

Nacka, 16 May 2023
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

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