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Atrium Ljungberg starts new residential blocks in Nobelberget – the launch of Stockholm Wood City

Atrium Ljungberg has decided on the start of construction for the next residential block in Nobelberget, Sickla. This will be the fourth block of a total of eight, and it is the first that will be constructed in wood.

Interest in the residentials in Nobelberget is high. The first two blocks have been completed, and the residents have moved in, and the third block, which has the highest elevation, will be completed by summer. Construction will now begin on the fourth block, Brf Kulturarvet, which will consist of 80 tenant-owned apartments distributed between three buildings. The total area will be around 8,800 m2 GFA, with an estimated investment of approximately SEK 465 million.

“I am very pleased that we are progressing to the next block. Nobelberget is an attractive location that has been well-received by the market. Each block is unique, and they complement one another with differentiated offers to various target groups,” says Linda Wiman, Business Development Manager Housing at Atrium Ljungberg. “The vision for Brf Kulturarvet is ‘rural living in an urban setting’. We are creating a block with house-like features and an open, leafy outdoor environment that has a clear sustainability profile,” continues Linda.

Brf Kulturarvet will be the first block in Nobelberget constructed in wood, and thus marks the start of Stockholm Wood City, the world's largest wooden city, which will be built in Sickla over the next ten years. Stockholm Wood City will consist of 250,000 m2 of wooden-frame buildings and, in addition to residentials, will also include offices, retail and services.

We take a long-term approach to our urban development strategy, and future blocks in Nobelberget have both high customer values and good profitability. By starting production first and beginning sales closer to the occupancy date, we can meet customers’ needs to buy and sell in an equivalent market,” concludes Linda Wiman, Business Development Manager Housing at Atrium Ljungberg.

Production of Brf Kulturarvet is planned to start in Q1 2024, with occupancy by the first residents in Q4 2025.

Nacka, 23/01/2024
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

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