Östra Hagastaden - Atrium Ljungberg
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Östra Hagastaden

We have a land allocation in the eastern part of Hagastaden, where we plan to build an office building on eight floors with views over Brunnsviken.

Municipality: Stockholm

Premises type Detailed development plan exists (m2) Change required (m2)
Offices 0 24,500

New land allocation in a unique and prominent district

In June 2018 Atrium Ljungberg won the land allocation competition in Östra Hagastaden from the City of Stockholm and Region Stockholm. The competition was for a unique and very prominent district in the area that will become the city’s northern gateway. The ambition is to develop unique office environments on site with public activities on the lower floors. The land allocation includes the Solna Haga 3:6 properties and part of Solna Haga 4:17; as well as a development right of approximately 16,000-20,000 m2 GFA of offices. Construction of the new district is expected to start in 2022 and be completed in 2024.