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TL Bygg

Developing full-service environments involves a number of services that traditionally fall outside of a property company's remit. Atrium Ljungberg’s wholly-owned subsidiary TL Bygg enables us to have greater influence and control over the design of various areas. In this way, TL Bygg strengthens and simplifies Atrium Ljungberg’s business and work.

TL Bygg is a building contractor that performs all kinds of contract work including new construction, conversions, extensions and renovations. Today the company is composed of approx. 130 employees and generates sales of almost SEK 420 million.

Both TL Bygg and some parts of Atrium Ljungberg have their origins in the construction and property business that master builder Tage Ljungberg founded in 1946. The basic values that pervaded the company back then still characterise the businesses today: a high level of commitment and care every step of the way. This creates an excellent basis for long-term and rewarding business relationships. 

TL Bygg is a profitable company that continues to display good results over business cycles. By contributing important, supplementary expertise, TL Bygg adds great value to Atrium Ljungberg, particularly in complex projects where their involvement and collaboration allows Atrium Ljungberg to act quickly and flexibly.

Just over 30 per cent of TL Bygg's total sales in 2014 related to work performed for Atrium Ljungberg. The order book at year-end 2014 was SEK 283 million. During the year, TL Bygg has been involved in a number of projects including Atrium Ljungberg’s new production of retail and restaurant buildings in Gränby in Uppsala and several tenant adaptations of Atrium Ljungberg’s office properties in Hagastaden..

Sustainable customer relationships

We place great value on repeat business long-term, close partnerships, which is why TL Bygg, in many cases, chooses the customer, rather than the project. TL Bygg’s main clients are the State, municipalities, county councils, insurance companies, property companies and tenant-owner associations.

The company’s ambition is to continue to grow in a controlled way and to recruit skilled personnel who live up to the company’s values. As with its parent company, TL Bygg endeavours, wherever possible, to conduct its operations using in-house expertise and has its own skilled craftsmen in the construction sphere and experts in costing, purchasing and project management.

Summary of income statements
SEK m 2015 2014 213 2012 2011
Net sales 334.6 306.5 378.1 225.6 292.8
Net sales, Group companies 137.3 111.6 113.7 152.9 135.7
Net sales, total 471.9 418.1 491.8 378.5 428.5
Operation profit -10.8 15.3 36.2 19.5 32.3
Net financial items 2.4 2.6 1.9 1.1 0.8
Profit after net financial items -8.5 17.9 37.1 20.6 33.1
Number of employees 120 130 135 122 120