Söderhallarna - Atrium Ljungberg
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We are refurbishing and developing the entire property to create a meeting place for food, as well as modern offices for creative industries.

Municipality: Stockholm

Premises type Project area (m2)
Sum 23900
Investment (SEK m)
Q1 2026
Rental value excl. surcharges (SEK m)

Meeting place for culinary and cultural experiences

Söderhallarna was inaugurated in 1992 and has since housed offices, service and retail, with a main focus on food. With its central location at Medborgarplatsen, Söderhallarna is a popular shopping center and a local meeting place of great value for residents of Södermalm and Stockholmers. The buildings also contain a large number of workplaces with an emphasis on creative tech companies and game development.

Since it was built, Söderhallarna consists of two building bodies in symbiosis, Björkhallshuset and Saluhallshuset, which share entrances and connections within the buildings. Atrium Ljungberg, which previously owned the Björkhall house, acquired the Saluhall house from the city of Stockholm in 2017 and began a vision work for the Söderhallarna as a whole and how the contents of the buildings could be developed and improved.

We plan to refurbish and develop the entire property to create a meeting place for food with a strong focus on sustainability, culture and creativity. The property will also house modern offices that attract creative industries which benefit from an office location in the middle of Sweden's largest game development cluster. The goal is for Söderhallarna to become a given meeting place for culinary and cultural experiences and with workplaces beyond the usual for innovative businesses. Through careful renovations and extensions, we will also achieve strong connections to surrounding urban spaces that contribute to increased public life and increased security around Medborgarplatsen, as well as adding valuable functions and experiences in the upper parts of the buildings.

Detailed planning work is underway and construction is expected to start in 2023.